We don't create "thought leaders". We help thoughtful leaders organize and feature their ideas and experience to create opportunities.

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What we do

We help bring visibility to your capabilities, experience and insights. For anyone who has ever thought, "I should probably post something" or "I should put up content", we help you go from zero to one and beyond.

We don't tell you what to say or invent a new version of the professional you. We created a program that will help you figure out what you want to say and how you want to say it on your own terms.

We ask thought-provoking questions and provide some structure and accountability. It's easier to answer a question and fill out a framework than start from a blank page, especially when you're working on your own.

What you get


We consult on your professional narrative.


We match you with an accountability partner.


Informative guides on different social media channels and strategies.


We work with you to build a step-by-step schedule of goals and milestones.

Program schedule

Week 1

1. Pre-read our guides and learning materials specially constructed to inspire a new perspective on what it means to be a thought leader and how to position yourself.

2. You'll work with us 1:1 on a narrative review session in order to determine the story arc that best positions your strengths and unique professional offering.

3. You'll finish the week having used our materials to complete a personal branding statement that will guide your thought leadership.

Week 2

1. Building your content game plan using our custom templates and storyline structures.

2. Review best practice instructions on different types of social media channels.

3. Meet your accountability partner. Set up a consistent bi-weekly meeting schedule and go over your initial game plan.

Week 3 & 4

1. Prepare your first pieces of content according to our templates and get ready to publish your first thought pieces.

2. You and your accountability partner will review what you've published and provide constructive feedback. You'll go over what your goals were in publishing these pieces and how they fit with your narrative and assess whether or not things hit the mark and where they can be further iterated upon.

Week 5 & 6

1. Publish! You'll finally be putting out some thoughtfully positioned and engaging content into the world as the first step in a continuing plan.

2. Q&A session with the full cohort and review of results, next steps, etc.

3. Time to start your next batch of content—made easier because it's all part of a plan and consistent story arc.

4. Check in with your professional accountability partner to stay up to date with your goals, get some encouragement, and share what's working and not working.

Week 7 & 8

1. Review best practices on growth for different channels and experiment with promotion tactics.

2. Review and iterate on your voice to focus on how you can improve the clarity and authenticity of your message, while being more efficient about your content production.

3. Continue to publish while focusing on engaging your audience. We'll provide tips and best practices on bringing your audience into your writing process and making them feel part of a community around your work.

Week 9 & 10

1. Focus on your continuity plan. You've seeded your profiles and platforms with content as part of a focused effort, but how can you maintain it with sustained effort over time in a way that works for you?

2. Start bringing in relevant topics that are more "of the moment". What's been going on in your space that you want to weigh in on?

3. If you've consistently published through this point, you'll get a live interview on our personal branding podcast—which you'll be able to use as content for your audience as well.

Join an info session

We hold bi-weekly info sessions to learn more about the program, ask questions and, learn about the importance of publicly elevating your professional profile.

"I was fortunate to be selected for the Beta cohort of Visible Work. Putting myself out there and building a personal brand was always hard for me. Charlie's and Aja's human approach, and the incorporated accountability, didn't only make me more comfortable, but feel empowered."

- Larissa Licha

About us

Charlie had a 22 year career in venture capital and built his firm, Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, around content and community. He developed a reputation as the most accessible investor in New York City particularly through his thought leadership and willingness to publicly share his insight, advice and best practices. His blog turned newsletter, This is Going to Be Big, was one of the first venture capital blogs and became one of the most widely read. He taught personal brand development in entrepreneurship courses at Fordham University and NYU Poly, as well as at General Assembly. His online presence has provided him with opportunities to speak at Techcrunch Disrupt, SXSW and invitations to coach founders in Austria, Chile, and Colombia. Recently, he announced his departure from investing and focus on new projects and coaching both founders and investors.

Aja built two women's fashion brands from the ground up before broadening her expertise to the Direct to Consumer world. Her transition was made possible through her widely acclaimed newsletter, For the Love, which garnered thousands of readers and led her to several consulting engagements—all in a matter of months. She is a creative problem-solver passionate about the intersection of technology and design and a lifelong learner currently most excited to bring her years of experience as a founder and creative to web development.

Visible Work is their collaborative effort aimed at busy people like themselves that are also going through periods of transition and narrative reinvention.